What is this service?

This is a brand new service that we are exploring with The Commons, and alongside our alongside our ethical and sustainable values is our innate desire for something different, and something that can be salvaged. We are excited to work with you for ideas, concepts and one off pieces that will always have people talking. We want you to feel comfortable in your body, and be yourself doing it. From custom stitch work, to repurposing sleeves, flares, cut outs, patchwork and custom jean hems and huge jacket reworks, we want to explore it all. 

What if I just went to a tailor instead?

The Commons offer denim and garment salvage and custom rework jobs that allows you to restore your preloved pieces, and minimise your clothing and textile waste with an explorative and independent mindset.  Nowhere in Adelaide offers unique and individualistic methods to reclaim, rework and refit your items with ease-we want to be the first. By understanding what your garment needs, whether that be a hole, a hem, or an awesome custom rework, consider repairing your pieces, and going for that sense of originality rather than deepening your earthly impact.

How does it work?

Firstly, you can submit an email describing your rework concept to With one of our consultants you discuss shapes, sizes and potential ideas. We'll provide you with a free quote, and from there, we take your measurements and you can send us your bits. Make times do vary, as do costings. After receiving your items, we'll give you a final fee. Once you approve it, we'll get to work reviving or restyling your pieces.