How our Clothing Exchange Works.

How we work

 Come and bring in your preloved garments in exchange for cash or store credit at a preset price of 30% cash, or 50% store trade credit (not inclusive of gst). This credit lasts for 4 (four) months, and is only redeemable at the time of exchange. Allow for a minimum of 30 minutes for an exchange to be sorted through. With some designer pieces, we can take up to 24 hours to assess. We take our time with your pieces, and want to make sure the right price is set for you. 

How do you get paid? You get paid as soon as the exchange is completed. We cannot bank transfer (not yet!), and cash is redeemable the day of exchange only
When can you sell your stuff? Available anytime during business hours, Monday to Saturday at our store on Young Street, Adelaide. We also offer a booking time service if you are looking for out of hours times to exchange with us. You can do this through our online booking service, or contact our store directly. Bookings are available all week, and after business hours too.
What do we look for? 
We specialise in vintage, designers goods and quality contemporary apparel. The Commons is proud to showcase items known for their timelessness. We will always seek out quality over quantity, of differing styles, sizes and genres. We buy items in excellent condition, rare pieces of differing styles, made from different eras and materials.