We put sustainability and a values driven lifestyle at the core of everything we do.

Textile waste is a consequence of all fashion. But it shouldn't be. We should not shy away from this fact, but understand it in order to change it.  As we buy more, we begin to value our garments less and less, and those garments we purchase fall to the wayside. 

The Commons constructs a new value system for our clothing. By offering an exchange-based platform, you have the opportunity to engage one on one with our buyers, to better understand how we should be valuing clothes in today’s society, and alter your purchasing patterns for the better.

Emphasis on quality, uniqueness and accessibility is high on our priority list.

By selling clothes online and only in our own stores, we avoid traditional retail markups. With a slow beating heart we create all of our shopfront creations, to minimise any impact on our bricks and mortar establishments. 

We believe in utilising what we have to create what we want, which is why The Commons created its custom rework ad tailoring facility. Repairing and reworking what we already own is crucial first step towards longer lifespans.