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Issey Miyake Spring 2016 ‘Baked Pleat’ Skirt

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At the brand’s show in 2016, continued to test the horizons of what a pleat can be and do, introducing a new “baked stretch” technique that molds pleats into the body of a fabric. The idea for Baked Strech came from Issey Miyake designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae, who learned about swelling glue and combined it with the concept of baking bread. Miyamae developed the fabric through a process of trial and error, including changing the quantity of glue and the temperature of the baking machine.

The most compelling looks in the collection were the ones that featured wavy baked stretch pleats, with contrasting colors printed into the curves; as the sculptural garments moved, they had a spring action, a little like that of a Slinky. The motion is surprising but but subtle, you can easily imagine wearing the pieces from this collection.  

The looks with the most instantaneous appeal, however, were the bright, color-blocked ones punctuated with touches of fringe, like this skirt. Miyamae and his team had a tropical theme going here, witnessed in the collection’s palette, but the raffia textures of the fringed pieces nicely underlined the hothouse atmosphere. Pleats remain the star at Issey Miyake, but there are new supporting players.


This skirt is an elasticised one size fit, a silk cotton blend. 


fits like a 10-12.

waist is 76cm.

lentgh is 72cm.