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Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Long Sleeve

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Long sleeve basic black Pleats Please.

Size 3.

fits a variety of shapes.

Made in Japan. 

A collection of clothes that are a product in themselves, they are made with a unique ‘garment pleating’ technique where the materials are developed from a single thread and pleats are added after sewing the clothes into shape. First launched in 1988, this pleats line grew until it finally became a brand of its own.

These clothes combine functionality - they're light and wrinkle-proof, they don't need to be dry-cleaned, and they can be folded to a compact size for easy storage and carrying - with a versatility that makes them suitable for all settings in your daily life. Comfortable and beautiful too, these clothes have become deeply entrenched in the daily lives of modern women. This brand reflects Issey Miyake's fundamental concept that "design is not for philosophy, but for life," and continues to evolve today.